Why you should invest in photography for your business

I’m sure you´ve asked yourself: Why should I care about photographs in my business, I could do it with my mobile and not waste money…

Well let me tell you in 3 bullet points (yes, we only need 3) how and why quality pictures can help your business be profitable.

1.- Looking like a Pro

It’s been said that you cannot judge a book by its cover, but sadly social media doesn’t work that way (sad face). How you present your brand in social media is essential. Having a website or IG account with professional looking photos gives you immediate credibility; your client would feel identified and also confident that you are a Pro in what you do.

Photos for La paso bien
Product photos for Ana Victoria Calderón Illustration

2.- Stand out

Your business is unique because you’re unique, there’s no one like you. It doesn’t matter if you sell the same as another ten stores in your city, the way you sell it is the key to stand out. You need to imprint your business with its own personality and you can do this through photos. If you don’t know how to do it, you can start a board on pinterest on how you imagine the photos of your business should look like and bring it to your photographer, she/he will guide you with ideas on photos that suit your business based on your references.

Lookbook for Margarita Mermaid
Lookbook for Yúgen

3.- Spread the word

If you post quality content in your social media it’s more likely to catch the attention of your followers; quality pictures help you to interact with your followers and also bring attention to your products or services, they may even ask about information or tag a friend.

Photo for Elevé Ballet & Yoga
Photo for Vulcano Beachwear

I could go on and on but I believe this 3 points are basic to understand why investing in professional pictures for your business is not a waste of money. Remember that with social media how you present your products/services is fundamental for connecting with your audience.


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