New beginnings, same goals.

This is not my regular post, it’s a bit long but i wanted to write this for some time so you get to know a little about me and my journey. It feels like a introduction for my new London followers and a catch up for my Mexican followers. So here it goes…

I’m Azu Morales and i’ve been a photographer for almost 10 years. I began my career in México City working as an intern in magazines and later on in a retail company taking catalog photography; after living 2 ½ years in México City i decided to go back to my hometown Cancún with the goal of working as a Lifestyle & Product Photographer. I had fallen in love with this kind of photography and also gained some experience in my retail job so i gave it a shot.


The first year working on my own was hard, but i kept doing it and a year and a half later my business was growing, in a slow but consistent pace; I was having regular clients and also getting attention of new people who wanted to work with me.

Everything was running smooth but suddenly we had this big change in our life, a positive one, but all changes move your ground. We had (my husband & I) the opportunity to move to London and we decided it to take it. So i needed to stop my growing business in México, say goodbye to all my family, friends and clients…who also became my friends, grab my suitcase and catch a plane to London.

I was a bag of feelings to be honest, happy and excited for the new adventure but also a little heartbroken because i had to stop this life project that was taking off, that took effort and lot of courage to start. If you own a business or are self employed, you know how difficult it is to get started.

So here i was in  a whole new environment not knowing how to start again.

I decided to take a slow life approach. First let the stress of the moving and papers behind and just enjoy my new home, get used to the city, the weather (this was the MOST difficult part coming from the caribbean) language, people, everything!

But the idea to continue my business was always lingering in my head. I know i was blessed with the opportunity to start all over again, but the goal for me has always been the same: Working with small business & creative entrepreneurs to help them tell their stories and also create imagery that make them connect with their audience.

That’s what my business is about and i feel ready and excited to start my journey here in London helping and knowing new people.


You can see some of my portfolio here, and follow me on Ig here.

If you need some help with the photography of your business please send me an email i would be glad to help you.


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